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I am very excited to be participating in this event! I am grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. Please read on below for the story of a family FPM helped out because of your donations!

Jennifer's Family
When Jennifer and her son came into shelter, despite several challenges to overcome, she was positive and focused on what she needed to do to create a secure future for her family. Jenn began by getting a job at a local restaurant and, with diligent budgeting, began to save. Meanwhile, she enrolled her son in a kindergarten program that offered extensive resources to address his special needs. As a result, his behaviors began to improve and Jenn learned new skills and techniques to support him at home. With a long-term career goal of working with children, Jenn secured a new position as a teacher's assistant in a local preschool. At the same time, she also obtained her driver's license, and received a generous car donation from a member of the FPM network. Shortly after, Jennifer and her son moved into a subsidized apartment where they remain today. Her son continues to receive in-home support services to build his skills for the future and Jenn continues to be a successful example of a single mother who, with determination and support, changed her future.

This is why we walk!

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