POWERHOUSE means a thing of great energy, strength, and power... that's our team this year! This is Alison's 3rd year as a team captain and she's combining forces with Whitney's team to have the best fundraising year yet! Last year our teams together raised over $3,500. Help us exceed that amount this year.

Family Promise Metrowest is a non-profit organization in the Boston area that not only helps homeless families get back on their feet, but also now has a program to prevent families from reaching homelessness. It's a phenomenal organization and your donation will help families with shelter, food, clothing, transportation, daycare, continuing education, case management, and more.

We are very excited to be participating in this event and are grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. THANK YOU!!

Funds raised: $6,739 of $5,000


Thank you donors
Alison Guzman : $4
Karyn & Casey Clarke
Team Power House Team Power House : $860
Alison Guzman : $35
Kelsey Hampton : $280